The Gastric Cancer Registry will provide a vital bridge between the community of individuals affected by gastric cancer and biomedical researchers wishing to determine the fundamental molecular causes of gastric cancer and their clinical ramifications. We hope to also empower patients to play an active role in research to drive forward gastric cancer research.

Because the data collection is so comprehensive, the Registry enables far more than molecular understanding of stomach cancer. Through Registry data, researchers may:

  • Analyze multiple variables to determine trends
  • Explore relationships between a patient’s lifestyle, environment, and personal risk factors in the onset of gastric cancer
  • Identify genetic, environmental, geographic, ethnic, occupational, and other differences that provide clues for potential risk factors
  • Inform the direction of projects geared towards early detection and educational outreach with preliminary findings
  • Support research in behavioral or lifestyle factors that may improve the quality of life for people with gastric cancer