Who we are

The Gastric Cancer Registry is supported by the Gastric Cancer Foundation and led by the Ji Research Group of Stanford University School of Medicine.

At the Ji Research Group, we are pursuing projects focused on personalized medicine. Specifically, we are interested in using genetic and genomic approaches in oncology to improve targeted cancer therapy development, make accurate prognoses, predict the efficacy of cancer therapy and identify clinically relevant cancer mutations. These projects are aimed at establishing the paradigm for individualized medicine, facilitate the introduction of these approaches into validation clinical studies and thus develop the next generation of cancer diagnostics and treatment.

Using information from your tumor, blood, and saliva samples, we can determine mutations in the genome that are specific to you. We do this by whole genome sequencing and ultrasensitive monitoring of your tumor and response to your treatment in the advancement of precision cancer medicine.

Meet the team

Hanlee Ji, M.D.
Hanlee Ji, M.D.Principal Investigator

Associate Professor of Medicine (Oncology) in the Stanford University School of Medicine

My research interest is cancer genetics with an emphasis on clinically relevant questions that will improve our understanding of the cancer genetics of clinical phenotype and simultaneously improve patient care in oncology. I have extensive bench research experience in the fields of genome sequencing technology development, human genetic analysis through human genome sequencing and molecular assay development. My research benefits from the various innovations in genomic and genetic technologies that my group has developed.

Alison Almeda, BS
Alison Almeda, BSProject Manager
GiWon Shin, PhD
GiWon Shin, PhDResearch Scientist
Sue Grimes, BSc
Sue Grimes, BScBioinformatician
Rithi Meka, BS
Rithi Meka, BSResearch Assistant
Robert Huang, M.S., M.D.
Robert Huang, M.S., M.D.Instructor, Medicine - Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Ignacio Wichmann, PhD
Ignacio Wichmann, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
HoJoon Lee, PhD
HoJoon Lee, PhDData Scientist
Anuja Sathe, MBBS, PhD
Anuja Sathe, MBBS, PhDCancer Biologist