The Cancer Genome Atlas Clinical Explorer

The Stanford-TCGA portal interface provides querying of publicly available cancer data in three different ways:

  1. Search for clinically relevant genes, micro RNAs, and proteins by names, cancer types or clinical parameters
  2. Profile genomic/proteomic changes by clinical parameters in a cancer type
  3. Test two-hit hypotheses.

Your data will allow us to build a data portal that is specific for Gastric Cancer. Visit the portal here.

Gastric Cancer Foundation

Responsible for the founding of the Registry, the Gastric Cancer Foundation continues to act as a resource for people affected by gastric cancer by providing education, funds for research, advocacy and a community network.

Visit the Foundation here.

Visit affiliate StupidStrong here.

Ji Research Group

The Ji Research Group is in the Division of Oncology in the Department of Medicine at Stanford University. Our research projects are designed to pave the way for personalized medicine, specifically cancer therapy by designing novel ways to analyze DNA. The specific benefits to understanding the genetic and genomic drivers in cancer include the ability to determine the most clinically relevant mutations, make accurate prognosis, prescribe a specific treatment for that patient and predict the treatment’s efficacy.

To improve the lives of individuals with cancer, our research group has embarked on a research initiative to use cutting edge genetics and technology to interrogate the fundamental genetic” digital” code responsible for cancer development and overall clinical behavior. Current translational genomic projects are a joint effort between the Stanford Cancer Institute and the Stanford Genome Technology Center.

Visit the Ji Research Group here.